Friday, October 1, 2010

Give me a break!

So yesterday my doctor gave me two medicines, one to relax my muscles in my back because they are freaking out and super tight, and hydrocodine for pain. I was told the main side effect is drowsiness so I waited till the kids were asleep to take them. I have this bad problem when I take anything that will make you sleepy (benadryl, NyQuil...etc) my vision gets blurry, I shake, and I basically have a panic attack then fall asleep....yeah loads of fun... So I avoid stuff like that when I can, but the pain is unbearable so I sucked it up. Sure enough I felt like crap for an hour last night after taking the meds, but you know what sucked the most? They didn't work! They didn't even dent the pain at all! Let me relate the pain to some of you, since I have all women followers, imagine labor right at the end before you are going to push...that is in my back non-stop. It's not fun at all, but looks like I have to just live with it...yay... :-P

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