Monday, September 27, 2010

Crafts crafts crafts

I have a week off from school and this morning when I got up I made a decision dealing with my crafts! I am going to use up every single thing I have this week :) A week filled with crafts! Each day I'm going to a different one and get rid of everything! This is a challenge for me because I get bored sooo easily, it's annoying how quickly I get bored, so I will have to focus to complete this challenge haha
So here it goes!

Monday - PAINT: I have 14 canvases left but I am going to run out of paint probably by the time I hit #6
Tuesday - JEWELRY: don't have much of this stuff left actually, I can easily finish in one evening
Wednesday - BOWS: Caroline needs more for all her new fall outfits
Thursday - HEADBANDS: Again Caroline needs more
Friday - BOWS: I have a ton of ribbon that needs to be used up!
Saturday - TUTUs: Caroline has outgrown her's and she needs new ones, poor girls keeps trying to wear her old ones haha!
Sunday - SEWING: I am waiting on my fabric to come in for the toy room

During the day I plan on using up all my 120 film, and my yarn (thats an easy one!) crocheting. Those two should be easy since I can easily finish up the little I have, and I can do them while the kids are up.

So here we go! Lets see if I can complete this challenge! I will post photos of all finished products together next Monday, that should be interesting!

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