Thursday, September 16, 2010

My crafts

I'm addicted to the site if you haven't been there...GO! You can get soo many ideas for things to craft! They seriously have everything!

There is a downside to the site...way to many crafts you want to try! I was just on there looking for new ones and i many do I do now?! So I thought...A LIST! I'll make a list!

Bows were my first
Tutus came second
Painting started in TX
Crochet starting in CA
Jewelry is my newest - scrabble tiles, recycled beads from coke cans and plastic bottles...ok that is 3-in-1
Sewing when I get the chance, poor sewing machine my mom bought me is never used!
Vinyl record stuff is the newest and by far the cheapest!

So 7...that isn't bad...right? I'm very lucky to have Sloan that doesn't care at all that I dive into new things all the time. What can I say I get bored really easily! You know when your husband supports your crafts when he tells to go buy supplies, he did that tonight! ha!

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