Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Baby Brother

A conversation i had with Jase last night at dinner:

"Momma I want a baby brother"
"But you have a sister, thats better"
"no i want a brother!"
"because they are cool"
"But sister's are cool too!"
"No, i want a baby brother"
"I'm sorry but mommy is broken, so no baby brother"
"get fixed mommy! I want a baby brother"
"mommy can't get fixed"
"yes you can! I'll fix you!"
...left to get his dr kit he got for his birthday...
"here mommy I fix you"...gave me a pretend shot..."all better!"

Sometimes he  is just plain hilarious...and he is still asking for a baby brother! haha I think it's because his best friend just got a baby brother, so he wants to be like her. Funny thing about her, she's a spitting image of my best friend when I was his age.

Something else cute last night at dinner, I read a magazine while eating since it's always just me and the kids. Well Caroline got a book, and set it up right next to her plate exactly like me. lol It's was so cute!

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