Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Random About Me

Idea Stolen from my friend Shea http://myinnervoiceyelling.blogspot.com/

I'm bored during naptime so yay something to do hehe

I love fall and spring
I hate summer and winter
I have way to many craft projects going on at once, all the time
I'm a Sims addict (when I get the time to play it)
I hate when Sloan plays online games and has to talk to the people he plays with
I don't shower on Tuesdays and Thursdays because we don't leave the house
Like Shea I don't brush everyday haha I forget!
The first week of Nov I decorate for Christmas
I was just dumped by my best friend of 10 years
I love my alone time
I'm addicted to candy
I miss Sonic more than a normal person should!
I'm a clean freak
I have OCD when it comes to things being straight and centered
I watch the Golden Girls every single night before bed
The OC will always be my all time favorite show
I know every episode of Three's Company and Laverne & Shirley
I will never part with my car, no matter what
My dachshunds are treated like humans because I say they are my children
I have a very independent personality
I have forgotten what it is like to talk to someone my age in person
I hate the color pink
I would rather be strangled to death than buy something purple
I taught myself to crotchet in one afternoon
I own every Bon Jovi cd and vinyl they ever came out with (new one Nov 2nd!)

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