Monday, October 11, 2010

Flu shot word of advice!

If you are getting your kids the flu shot get yours either the day before or the same day! I always get the kids a flu shot, and usually I already have mine but I didn't this year. The flu shot always seems to give us a mild flu, kids were sick for a day, but apparently if gives other people the full on flu! Sloan already has his, so that left little ol' me to get sick as a dog! I'm on day freak'n four of being sick, and I am the exact same! It's like day one all over again! I'm hardly sleeping which doesn't help at all, and I don't really get to rest except when the kids sleep. Hopefully I can get this over with soon, because I'm tired of this! What sucks is every time I get body aches with the lovely flu all my old swimming injuries come back to haunt me! I hurt my left shoulder pretty bad when I was a freshman...almost 10 years ago, but it feels like I just hurt it. Don't even get me started with my back that I recently hurt, and my knees that are horrible! Sigh...ok thank you for the vent :)

So, if you get your kids the flu shot....GET ONE FOR YOU!

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