Friday, October 8, 2010

Knitting is the Shiz-knit, Crochet is the Cro-shit!

That saying is taken from the awesome site Craftster

Since little Miss Caroline is always taking my crochet hooks to "crochet" I figured I needed extras to have on hand just in case little fingers came. Instead of paying $2 for one hook I turned to E-Bay to find a lot of hooks. I ended up bidding on a set of 40 with a variety of sizes, and they ended up coming with a about 10 different sizes of knitting needles as cost $5! I was just going to turn around and sell the knitting needles, but I think I am going to give knitting a shot. I watched a few videos on YouTube, and it looks super easy! I already love to crochet, so why not?! We shall see if I stick with it or just stick with crocheting.

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