Friday, October 8, 2010

Full of pain and sickness

Yesterday I was finally able to get the kids into the new doctor (which I hate, she was a 100% bitch!), and get their shots. Jase had the flu shot and one other one, he did awesome though! Caroline looked like she was going to hit the nurse for hurting her "Buu" though! Caroline the poor thing had to get 4! She did great though, cried for a second, and then was over it when she got Hello Kitty band-aids (she loves her Hello Kitty). Like always they felt horrible after shots, so we laid on the living room floor the rest of the afternoon. At one point though I got up to do a photo assignment, and I guess I moved in the wrong way because once again the insane back pain is back...yep...its back. But that is not all!
Last night I noticed around 10 pm that I could hear Jase climbing around his bed, and sure enough he was awake...sick as a dog. I got him calm, and he quickly went back to sleep. Around 3 am Caroline woke up....sick as a dog...sigh...same with her, calm, bed..sleep! THEN this morning guess who woke up sick, thats right me! So it wasn't the shots that made them sick, probably Jase got something from school, yet again!
So our weekend plans of doing anything are out the window, it's a weekend watching movies for the Diaz family :-P

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