Wednesday, October 27, 2010

What November holds for us

Hubby is leaving early Monday morning for an amazing opportunity that usually only Gunny's get to do. He will be going all the way to Indianapolis to the Rolls-Royce factory, why? They are actually the company that makes the Osprey engines, so he is going for a month to take classes and learn about how they make the engine. Very cool! I told him he must take the camera!!! So yeah he will be gone for a month, but they may cut it short so they can all be home for Thanksgiving. This isn't my first time away from him, he's gone for a weeks at a time almost every month now that we are in California. I don't even think it's hard really, because I get a quiet house every night when the kids go to bed hehe Don't get me wrong I miss him like crazy, but who can't agree that every once in awhile you like to just be 100% alone. So, I'm not worried about him being gone, its the kids that are the problem. Jase is old enough to understand that daddy is not home, and he asks me a lot where he is or when he will be home. Even now that Caroline can talk, she walks around the house saying "Dada?...Dada?", and she always tries to open the front door to see if he is there. That is the hardest part! The kids! Hopefully they will sort of get use to him being gone since he deploys pretty soon. We always just stay here, no trips to Texas, and it wont change when the deployment comes. There is no point to go to Texas anymore, even though I love that state to death!, because nothing is there anymore. Yes my parents are there but it's hard living in my room with two kids. Plus Jase is in school so I see no point in making the trip. So here we shall stay :)

A 360 from that topic...I'm starting to work on Christmas gifts now that I just finished Caroline a purse (which she is obsessed with!) and Hubby's scarf. I also joined into a Craftster crochet challenge , so lots of crocheting coming in Nov! It's turned into an addiction! Luckily I am about to have a lot of free time once I am done with my current classes! I officially withdraw from my current school to switch to West TX A&M to finish my degree, and I am very excited about that. I get a nice break starting in two weeks that will end in Jan, which will be great! Kinda nervous about switching but I know it is best.

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