Monday, November 1, 2010

Halloween Adventures

Yesterday we had a fun family day of cuddling on the couch and going on base to get some things for hubby since he left this morning. We also went to eat at Marie Calenders, yum!, then took the kids to Jase's school for "trunk or treating". They have a harvest festival every year with lots of games, pony rides, face painting, etc, and then the kids go trick or treating in the parking lot where people have the trunks of their cars decorated and they hand out candy to the kids. The kids loved it! Mr Jase went as Spider-man and Caroline went as Cinderella, both picked out their own costumes :) I tried my best to get pics of them but my kids and sitting still is...well...impossible!!! At the end of the night though Jase ended up being a puppy/spider-man after he chose to get his face painted as a puppy though! It was a fun night though, but we paid for it when we got up at 3 am to take hubby to the airport...ugh! Oh well :)

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