Thursday, November 4, 2010

November Crafting!

I am not big on Thanksgiving, I do enjoy cooking for it and making my yummy turkey, but I don't decorate or make a fuss about it. I loved it until my Grandfather passed away 5 yrs ago, it was his favorite holiday "It's the only day you can eat a piece of every pie and not be a pig", and he would eat every pie :) So since then I usually either ignore November or I start on Christmas! This year is all about Christmas, even though it was 100 degrees here was...ugh Anyway I already started working on a few crochet projects:
A Candy Cane throw
This Christmas Tree Pillow: Pillow
Once I am done with those I am going to start on a few felt pillows I found in a Christmas Craft magazine and also a very colorful felt wreath and tree skirt for the toy room.
I am also going to make a crochet Christmas tree!
I'm sure I will find more so no telling how many things I will make especially since school for me ends on Tuesday yay!!! So be on the look out for finished crafts!

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