Tuesday, November 9, 2010


On Friday I got a call from Red Cross looking for Sloan, it was odd and nerve wrecking. They were calling with the bad news that his grandfather passed away. He was very close to his grandfather, so I knew this would kill him. Why no one in his family called us, I will never know, but soon he was calling me to say he was told also. Since he was already gone for those classes we just simply bought him a ticket to go down to San Antonio, where he is originally from. He will be down there a week, although I am not sure why that long, and instead of going back to his course he will be coming home. He seems to be taking this surprisingly well, but the funeral has yet to happen. The kids and I were going to drive down to meet him there, so we could be there for him, but of course my mother-in-law threw a huge fit saying I was not welcome because he needed to be with family. I wasn't going to argue, and it is probably better that I am here since I found out today that I have fun ol' bronchitis. I still wish I was there for Sloan though, because he was close to him.  Then again I never know what to say in situations like that, so I did what I know best...I bought him a video game. The new Call of Duty to be exact, and of course that cheered him up like crazy. I send him random text to make him laugh, and tonight he said it was helping a lot that I was getting his mind off things. So maybe it is for the better, and I hope that he will be ok tomorrow. I'm ready for Saturday night when he comes home though so I will know for a fact that he is ok.

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