Friday, November 12, 2010

Oh the yard...

When we bought this house we thought of only the inside, nothing wrong with it, and thought we could easily work on the backyard. Some where in the past months though that "we" has turned into "me", which is fine with me since i have total control over it now yay! Our yard is an odd one since everything in the San Diego area is either on a hill or into a hill naturally we are on a hill. All of out yards on our street have two levels, one that is even with the house and flat and the second level about 3-4' above the first level and slants up. Our first level had zero grass on it, and someone had the smart idea to just pour gravel all over the place...yeah.... So back in the summer I raked up all the gravel and got rid of it then put down a ton of grass seed. Slowly it grew till a few weeks ago it rained for days, not that grass is about a foot long for half the yard. The other half...maybe an inch if that in some areas, which is weird.

Our second level has a bunch of trees and an odd flower bush, but it also had a huge pile of crap from the flippers. One part was also covered in vines, like majority of our fence, that grow at an insane rate! So this week I attacked the yard! Cleaned up the second level, vines GONE, branches clipped, and the pile...3/4 gone! Majority of it actually ended up being wood that will make great firewood so I took it and stacked it on our patio. The rest is cinder blocks and concrete that I have no idea what to do with! And a random sit and spin toy... Hopefully I can find someone or some place that can get that concrete because I do not like it up there. For thing having dachshunds they like to go under things and they constantly go under it! Not good! So yes it must go!

Hopefully will be done with the yard tomorrow and I'll share the photos! Gotta find the before too :)


  1. Hey! It's been forever! Your babies are precious...I can't believe how big Jase is :)

    I'm completely jealous that ya'll are in Cali. We miss it out there so doubt in my mind we'll be back once Steve finishes his time out here in Hawaii. What city are ya'll living in?

  2. It has been forever! I saw your comment on Shea's blog thats how I found you :)

    We are in Lemon Grove, about 20 mins away from downtown San Diego. We moved here in June and love it! I never ever want to leave! lol
    How are you doing?

  3. Lemon grove is gorgeous! We miss it so so so bad.

    We're doing pretty good! Gearing up for a's Steve's first in 4 we got so lucky I have NO clue. Just staying busy and trying to enjoy Hawaii!