Monday, November 15, 2010

Yard done, next project!

Finally finished the yard today, the big pile of random is now gone! It seems there use to be another pine tree in our yard, not sure where it was, but that made up a majority of the pile. Talk about lazy! But that is ok we now have enough firewood to last us till next summer! I have done all I can on the yard now, so on to my next project!

Sloan and i were given an antique bedroom set from my Grandparents house a few years ago, and we have never really liked the white color to it. We were not sure if we should paint it or what, so it stayed white for awhile. Finally though we figured out what we want to do with it, and started on it today. Luckily since the set is about 50-60 years old it is made entirely out of real wood, so Sloan sanded down a drawer to see what it looked like. Such pretty wood under the blah white! I got some dark wood stain, almost black, and put it on there to see how would look. Amazing! We love it! So, now we are going to strip the whole thing, and stain it. I also ordered some new hardware for it in a lovely chrome that will look great with the dark stain. There will be before and after photos once we finish, because it will look great! :)

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