Monday, November 29, 2010

What do you mean it's almost Dec?!

Where the hell did November go?! Can i have it back please?! I'm making all the Christmas presents for my family this year, and i just realized Christmas is in 27 days! CRAP! I have to get a move on! I don't even know what i did the past month to get so behind. I must get going on everything! There were so many things i wanted to make to decorate the house to, but yet the time disappeared. So here is my list of things to make by Dec 24th (we open Christmas Eve).

The kids get store bought toys, i already made them scarves and hats that they use now.
Sloan got a new computer, he's good!

Mom: Going to crochet her a Texas Tech scarf and afghan (she has her PhD from there so she's obsessed with them!) both of those are going to be my own patterns so i need to get going on those! She also asked for vinyl record bowls and jewelry holder, that i can do quickly the night before they get here. I'm also tempted to make a wine bottle light with a Tech theme.

Dad: We bought him a new hat, he wears them outside like crazy and the one he has has a huge hole in it! I may crochet him ear warmers for under the hat, but I don't know yet. He loves vinyl records also but for him I'm going to make him a clock out of one, maybe bookends also to hold his vinyl record collection.

Sister: She wants a scarf, and a bright wine cork board, I'm going to try neon spray paint to see what it looks like..maybe... I am also going to try to make her afghan, but with straps to attach to her wheelchair. I need to think of one more thing for her though because our family is huge on everything being even.

I also have to finish crocheting the Christmas pillow and Candy Cane throw...sigh...Better get started now!

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