Sunday, November 28, 2010

Craft Rooms

I am addicted to looking at other people's craft rooms to see what they did with their space. Although my area is not a room but an area off the living room i still look for inspiration from these spaces. It seems to me that majority of craft rooms are all about white though, and I am all about black. None the less i still love to look at them, and get ideas! After Christmas i am going to work on my space some since we are turning our huge laundry room (the door is behind my desk) into Sloan's "man cave". So, I am starting now on my inspiration board! Here is my space at the moment with my randomly places Christmas lights and mini tree.

This is looking in from the living room, we have tile that runs along side the living room and into here. Through the door is the laundry room that is probably three times the size of my space! The paintings and photographs are all by me, and you can see the cork board i just made! The rug is new from Wal-mart, had it for not even ten minutes before Jase colored the corner of it pink...sigh.

This is my desk, you can tell i am more of a photographer majority of the time! The orange laptop stand use to be my only "area" in NC and now is used at my portable work station.

Where everything is stored! The black basket on the right is full of yarn and my crochet things, the one to the left is all my random craft things that i do.

The most important spot in my area is of course Peanuts! He sits next to my chair against the wall and my filing cabinet is next to him. He is by my side all day and enjoys a good nap while I craft or work :)

So what do i want to add? Well move the bookcase next the door either side, not sure yet, and in place add these things all from IKEA. Of course the paintings and such would moved. All this for under $125! Awesome!


  1. Hey Kendra,
    Thanks for checking out my blog and becoming a follower. Check out my craft room pix for ideas, if you like.
    And stay tuned in the coming month(s?) for even more craft room expansion.

  2. That is one cute doxie!! You are so awesome with your creativity.. wish you could come and "shop" for me. I have to totally redo the living room.. I am not a decorator and have no idea where to start.

  3. Thank you!!! :)

    I say start with a couch and go from there :) Thats what I did, black couch = black and white living room.