Saturday, December 25, 2010

Dachshund Owner MUST Have:

For Christmas I got the best book ever called "Lost Souls: Found! Inspiring stories about Dachshunds." I am not much of a reader at all but I really wanted this book, and even finished it today. It's all about rescued dachshunds and their stories, it's simply wonderful! Some are funny, some tug at your heart, and others break your heart.

I have always had a love for this breed, they are amazing, and truly have a mind of their own. Only another dachshund owner understands the love there is from and to a dachshund. They become your children, your one and only, your furry soul mate, and when you get the chance to rescue they are thankful and show you in every way. I rescued a dachshund my senior year of high school in our school parking lot. A tiny skinny smelly little boy, who became Bob. Bob now lives with my parents and gives kisses to anybody. He can look at you in a special way and you can tell he is saying "Thank you".

If you own a dachshund, love the breed, need a good read, whatever! just buy this book. I promise you will not be disappointed in the least. Don't believe me? On Amazon you can read the first story, it will grab you and make you want to read more.

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