Thursday, December 23, 2010

Heartbreak in San Diego

The week of Christmas is suppose to be a happy time, but here in San Diego it was full of destruction. I have to admit that I have always loved to watch floods, hurricanes, tornadoes, etc... on the news but to live through it is another story. I have been in one hurricane, but it was nothing compared to the rain we got these past few days.

For six days it rained here almost non-stop. On Monday we had hit 20", but Tuesday is when all hell broke loose. We were getting rain 2" by the hour all day long with no break. The drain system all over the county, including our backyard, could not keep up. We do live on top of a hill, but there is a larger hill in front and behind our house. So, the one behind us runs into our fence basically, and we got all their runoff causing the water in our yard to hit 3 feet at one point. Once it hit over a foot it poured into our laundry room, and even into my area which is right off the room. I had to wade out into the yard to find the drains to pull off the lids so that more water could go into them, it didn't help though. Finally the yard did drain, but only to flood two more times before the rain stopped yesterday afternoon.

The sun finally came out and we were able to fully see the damage done. Luckily the laundry room is a giant work in progress, so it still looked like crap anyways. However we were going to just work around what was there, but now the whole room has to be torn down. We also lost my beloved deep freezer, but we were able to save the washer and dryer thank goodness! We also sadly lost majority of the kids Christmas presents I was hiding in there, but were able to replace them today. We are lucky that so few was damaged, the people at the bottom of our street lost everything, and this morning the hill in front of our house basically feel part in a huge landslide directly on top of our neighbors house, no one was hurt.

So this Christmas we are very thankful for what we have, and you should be too. Don't forget that.

The third time it flooded

Third time was not as bad as the first

Not as bad, the first time the water was flowing over the cement, and that door was on the other side of the house!

The water so powerful it busted through our wall on the side of the house, there is now a huge hole there

The damage after the 1st flood, hubby's freak'n cans (he saves them and recycles them for game money lol)

As you can see this room was a giant work in progress but even more so now

The box the kids presents where in :(

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  1. aww thats so sad. Be praying for those people who lost everything.