Friday, December 31, 2010

Ending 2010 with large insurance claim

2010 was full of changes, new things, new beginnings, and ended not so great. The year it's self was great, got to go places and see things that were awesome. New friends were made while old ones disappeared, and we made a move across the United States. What a wonderful year it has been, who would have thought that in the last two weeks of 2010 we would go through so much.

Last week of course the flood, rain damages, etc... flood insurance claim.

This week? Medical insurance claim, thank goodness for Tricare! Jase has been battling sickness for months, and a cough that wouldn't go away (really all of have!). Sunday evening however he suddenly was hit with his usual 104+ degree temperature, and all became a sick little couch potato. That night I was up with him a lot, and Monday morning he didn't say one word to me when he woke up. That right there told me something was wrong with him, Jase always talks, always! All he did was go to the living room and lay on the couch, 100% not like him. When the doctors office finally opened I got him the only appointment for that afternoon, all day he did not move from that spot except to get up to pee.

It only took the doctor maybe two minutes to figure out Jase had pneumonia, and sent us down the hall to the ER to check him into the hospital. Luckily he only ended up staying until Tuesday afternoon, and went back to him normal self when we got him home. He still has a cough horribly but that should go away in time. Our story however does not end there! That night I ended up sick and the next night...yep Caroline. Wednesday she was so sick with of course her 104+ temp, that I ended up just taking her to the same ER Jase checked into. Caroline however does not have pneumonia, but bronchitis AND two ear infections.  Luckily my parents came up from Texas for a few days and helped a ton with them but left today. I can't believe both kids got so sick, but I am in hopes it will go away as quickly as it came.....

Happy New Year

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  1. Poor kids. I know it must be super rough on you. I'm sending you all lots of non sick vibes for 2011!