Monday, January 3, 2011

Resolutions 2011

With sick kids I'm behind on this, but late is better than never right?! I also woke up yesterday and chose to paint my little area, so I was busy with that. But here is what I would like to do for 2011:

365 Project: I started this last year but with school, moving, etc I didn't have time to keep up with it, so here we go again! I'm already doing it so yay me!

Get Healthy: Dermographism, according to my doctors, makes my immune system weak which is why I catch every single tiny thing now. So I need to get healthy, and I really let myself go during the holidays which is bad.  It will help my whole "get sick every week" crap I have had going on lately.

Work out more: I hate working out, 100% hate it! But I know it will aid in the get healthy thing so I need to! I wish I had time to go swim, because it's the only thing I enjoy, plus it burns sooo much more calories than anything else.

I am also going to make everything single thing in two sewing books I got for Christmas from my mom. I really want to get alot better at sewing, which I have been working on, and everything in these books are so cute I must make them! There is a ton more I want to do craft wise this year, but we would be here forever if I listed those :)

I hope you all have a great 2011!

If you want to check out those sewing books she got them on Amazon:

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