Sunday, March 27, 2011

Toddler Eating

I have two toddlers that are separate ends of the picky eating scale. Caroline will eat anything you give her, she doesn't care, and will eat all day if i let her. Jase however is extremely picky, and it has gotten worse. A few weeks ago Sloan took two weeks off from work, and Jase was attached at his hip. He doesn't see him much when he works so when he's off Jase doesn't leave his side. Well with that brought on the "eat like daddy" phase. Now before that time with daddy he fought me on eating healthy but I could always win the fight. But now, I'm loosing badly. Getting him to eat is a nightmare, and eating healthy? Forget it! If I let him he would live on corn dogs now, why? Because daddy seems to eat a ton of them when he is here. For the past two weeks I have been fighting Jase to eat something, anything!, healthy. I know he needs it to because he keeps getting sick and can't seem to shake it as quickly as when he eats healthy. But last night I finally got Sloan to see why he is like this.

With Sloan working so much he doesn't see any meal time, he's either at work or asleep, so me simply saying "Jase eats this way because of you" didn't mean much. Don't get me wrong he cared, but enough to change I guess. But last night he was awake and a family meal with us. He saw the fight I put in to get Jase to eat Mac and cheese and chicken breast. No Mac and cheese isn't the healthiest so he should have ate it. At the end of sitting with him for almost an hour waiting for him eat Sloan finally said, I need to change.

Your kids see everything you do, you are their role model, no matter what the age. You need to eat healthy so they want to eat healthy. Caroline and I eat healthy, it's the boys that are the problem. So things are going to change this house now. No more cases of Mountain dew for Sloan (yippee!), no more corn dogs or processed foods of any sort for Jase, but a new mix of food from raw vegan, vegan, vegetarian, but some chicken and turkey thrown into the mix. I've tried no meat before, it doesn't last with me!


  1. I know we don't eat the healthiest but Rosslyn would eat fruits and vegetables all day if she could. Even though Jordan and I do drink pop, she never has any and I usually let her have a cookie or snack cake once a day. She seems to be fine. No sickness, healthy teeth and hair too. I'm glad Sloan is willing to try to eat better so Jase will as well.

  2. See thats the way Caroline is! Jase though...ugh! He does love carrots though, and smoothies...thats about it. And I see no problem in a sweet snack once a day, not going to hurt them at all, but he's alittle to junky for a toddler. I don't think he would be this way if Sloan didn't work so much, he was fine until that started.