Sunday, March 6, 2011

What a Wonderful Weekend Part 1 (365 Project)

Our weekend started on Friday when we took the kids to the San Diego Safari Park, ended up spending all day there! We all agreed that it is much better than the "famous" SD Zoo, but it's sad that not that many people go to it. I wont bore you with all the many pictures I took, but I warn you I will share my fair share! The best part of the whole day was being able to feed birds some nectar, awesome! They come up to you the second you walk in the encloser, two were very fond of me and one thought my head was the best spot ever. The two that stuck with me till Sloan took the camera were adorable because when Sloan asked Caroline for a kiss (she was upset about the bird on my head) one of the birds turned to the other and MUAH! to the other bird so cute!
My all time favorite wild animal (of course tied with otters!)
One view (I took a bunch but I will spare you even though it is beautiful)

The one bird that stayed with me while Sloan took the camera

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  1. You look so happy kenna! Glad you all had a great weekend!