Sunday, March 6, 2011

What a Wonderful Weekend Part 2 (365 Project)

After our trip I came home to my order of fiber from The Sheep Studio, a whole pound of Superwash to dye! I of course had to let my kids help, so I gave them each 4 oz of it to dye with kool aid, they picked the colors themselves, and all I did was just get everything ready. Jase wasn't in the mood for pictures so none of him, just Caroline.

I also finished my yarn that I have been spinning finally and plyed it with sewing thread. I love it to death and I plan on crocheting something for Caroline with it.
My yarn drying
She picked pink, yellow, and red
Top left: mine - Easter; Top right: Jase - red, blue and green, bottom is Carolines
Finished yarn <3

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