Thursday, April 14, 2011

Finished Poncho & Buttons

I finally finished Caroline's Easter poncho with the Easter yarn I dyed and spun. I could have finished it alot quicker than I did since it was such an easy pattern but for some reason I took my time with it. I finished today though, and she does look pretty cute in it if I do say so myself! She is going to wear it tomorrow to Jase to school and to show the ladies at Starbucks (yes the ladies at Starbucks know us by name and have our order for us when we get there, our "town" is super small though compared to surrounding ones so they know all the regulars). She loves wearing it so I'm sure it's going to be a daily thing for my girly girl, she even figured out how to put it on herself this afternoon. I still have about 100 yards left over in Easter, so I may crochet something for Jase, maybe a tie...cute! Yes a tie it is if I can find a pattern on Ravelry. I'm spinning his yarn right now, but no ideas yet on what to crochet with it.
Jase came over right when I snapped a picture, hence the funny look on Caroline's face
Caroline's Poncho
Sigh my kids move way to much! You have no idea how many photos i took of them trying to get one decent one!
My kids

Tonight I also randomly chose to make paper covered buttons. As you know I am a craftster addict, and while bored the other day I started watching their YouTube videos. I watched two that interested me, one of which is making fabric buttons and the other using Perler beads. I thought it would be a nice spice into my fabric crafting right now so I'm doing both except I bought cheap paper instead of fabric. The buttons turned out pretty cute, the butterfly one was a pain in the *** though so I only did one of those. My favorite is by far the black and white ones, which why there are so many of them!
Paper Buttons

Now the Perler beads I haven't started yet, but I did do them when I was alot younger. In fact my mom still has all of the ones I made (she kept everything of mine, seriously everything!) They are super easy, and I am probably going to let the kids do them as well, I let them do any craft so why not! If you don't know what they are or want to try them check them out (you can buy them anywhere) Perler Beads

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