Thursday, April 21, 2011

Reeses Continued

Reeses hasn't even been home for 24 hours and I'm already worn out from taking care of him on top of taking care of the kids. He is now like an infant, but I don't care because I will do this everyday for the rest of his life. Things will get easier once hubby can build ramps around the house this weekend, but until then I have to keep carrying him to where he needs to go. He is still in a lot of pain, but drugged up so he can rest. Since hubby sleeps all day Reeses is in bed with him, and wakes him up when he needs something, then it's my turn to figure out what it is. We play a guessing game every 15 - 30 mins of thirsty? hungry? need to potty? This will get better again with the ramps but also once he is off this medication in a month. Until then I'm taking care of him the best i can and researching like crazy to see how I can help him and keep him from needing a wheelchair.

If you are wondering how exactly this happened, let me explain. Although sometimes this type of thing happens from abuse or neglectful owners that is not our case. Dachshunds have a fragile back that they must be careful with or they can severly hurt themselves. I have always known not to let them jump on or off things, but I can not watch their every move. Sure enough Reeses jumped and hurt himself. We are lucky that it was caught quick enough that no nerve damage was done, but even if it was he would still be our happy baby boy. Just because a dachshund or any dog for that matter becomes paralyzed does not mean that their lives are over. They can live wonderful lives just in a special way.


  1. Oh no! Our Dachshund Wurstig had to have back surgery when he was 5. It is so scary... Our little girl has had some issues too but so far we have been helping her. Like you, we have taken care of them.. Won't let them get overweight etc. With Vienna when she starts acting like her back is bothering her, we start carrying her everywhere and giving her Ester C. A lot of ester C... so far it has worked. I buy it from the vitamin shop in a chew-able form. She likes it.

  2. Also, I am so sorry this happened.. It is painful to see them hurt.