Wednesday, April 20, 2011


But I'm pitiful!
Reeses is a sweet but grumpy 4 year old dachshund. He was born the day my husband and I were married, and has been our baby since the day we got him. He is a playful happy puppy and takes protecting the kids very seriously. On Sunday night though he was not himself and I had
No idea what was going on. I kept hoping that maybe he was just sore for something, but as the week went on the worse he got. Yesterday I called the vet, but they could not get him until this morning. Last night he got even worse however, waking me constantly screaming in pain. Finally his appointment came, and I got the news that it was most likely his back. X-rays and tests had to be done so he stayed there for the day, I was worried all day! Finally the call came that I could come get him, and the news about him was not good. Reeses did in fact hurt his back, a very common injury in dachshunds. Luckily he should be ok as long as he stops jumping on and off things and looses weight. However for the rest of his life we must keep this under control because if he does this again he will be paralyzed.
So our Easter weekend is going to be filled with Reeses proofing the house. Ramps are going to be built at every step, to both couches, and the bed. This must never happen again, we don't want anything to happen to our fur baby.

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