Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Things Happen for a Reason

It seems there was a reason the surgery thing did not work out for us, and I was shown that reason yesterday and today. Yesterday I got a quick tail wag twice and some brief standing from Mr Reeses. And this morning I got the wonderful surprise of Reeses raising his tail half way up to go to the bathroom, and...peeing on his own! Yes Reeses peed all on his own! TWICE! It takes awhile but he does it! I still have to express him to make sure he is empty, he still can't get everything out but with time he will. The vets gave him a 50/50 chance of being able to do anything on his own and wanted me to put him down. Look at all he has done with love and medicine! No expensive surgery needed for this awesome dachshund to pull through at amazing speed. We believed he could do it, and he is!
I'm still walking behind him holding his butt up so he can walk, but by the looks of it he may never need a wheelchair like they said. When i just took him out he was trying to use his back legs to walk but he still can't get the signal all the way through. Before we know it he may be walking again and I'll be jumping up and down with excitement while he looks at me with the "you're an idiot" look he is so awesome at giving me.

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