Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Running and Tail Wagging

Came home from picking up Jase and was greeting by a very excited Reeses wagging his tail and running to me! He ran! It was a short distance, and like watch a drunk person but he did it! Tomorrow would make a week since he went down and he is already running. I just can not believe it! Hurry up May 16th,  thats when I take him to the vet for a re-check, andI cant wait to see her face when he walks in.

In other news, today was yet another great day because I also sold 4 things in my shops! I sold 3 photos in my Artfire store and my Rock'n Red Spindle in my Etsy shop! Which I just realized I have not mentioned. My hubby and I both working for the Etsy shop, he mainly just cuts things for me, but he is a big help because I have no idea how to use that big saw. If you are interested in learning to spin check out our shop! Spinerosity

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  1. Awwwww... that is so awesome! I hope he continues to feel better!