Sunday, May 8, 2011

Mothers Day

*warning if you do not like "whining" do not read this post*

So today is Mothers Day, the one day out of the year where I feel I should be allowed to sleep in, and do what I want. I always expect at least a card, but I have never once gotten one. Maybe I should explain why I feel this way? Growing up I saw my dad bring my mom flowers, a card, and give her a day off for every birthday, mothers day, etc. Seeing this all your life brings expectations, so this is why I assume Sloan is going to do the same. I also assume this because his mother is all about her so she got that treatment from her kids. But Sloan is full of broken promises. For every Mothers day, birthday, etc he tells me he is giving his "buddy" cash to order something for me since Im the one that watching the account. He has done this since we got married almost 5 years ago, but has never fallen though with it. Yet I always get my hopes up, you would think I'd learn, and always breaks promises about things we are going to do. Now I don't want any gifts, flowers, or whatever if I'm allowed to do what I want for a day without kids. Sounds like a good switch to me! I even flat out told Sloan Friday night that since he works Sunday I want Saturday as my day. So how did "my day" go? Woke up at 6 am with the kids and took care of them all day while Sloan sat on the couch with his iPad. Ok let's try Sunday then maybe? Sloan says he will wake up so we can go to the swap meet or I can go alone, he even went to bed early. I wake up at 7, thank you kids for sleeping in!, and tried to wake Sloan at 9 to go, "wake me up at 3 for work". it makes me angry,and I wish I could teach myself to not expect any special treatment. My birthday is in a month, so here's hoping to myself to remember it will just be another day. At least it will be better than last year, I spent the whole day unpacking.


  1. Sigh. I was up at 6:00 this morning with Annie while the other 2 slept until almost 11:00. I understand your frustrations. I know! Get yourself a reinstated Facebook account for Mother's Day!!

  2. Why do they wake up so early?! Dont you wonder that? haha I'm sorry you know how I feel but its nice to know I'm not alone :)