Thursday, May 5, 2011

Fiber Overload!

I absolutely love The Sheep Shed Studio
awesome fiber, prices, owners, and shipping! If you are learning to spin, order fiber from them! You can get a pound of mill ends for $8! Practice dying, spinning, felting, whatever! So since i ran out of the pound of superwash I ordered last month I had to order more. This time I went a bit crazy and got 5 whole pounds, but I am good about not ordering fiber until it's all gone. This ended up saving me really, plus it was awesome going through it all!

Back Left to Right: Superwash, white mill ends, black and white mill ends, and cotswold curls (1 pound each)
The front is all dye soppers! So what I am doing with all this? White will be dyed by my Easter dye collection, then hubby is building me a hackle so I can blend whatever I like to make my own pretty roving.

My fav cotswold curls

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