Thursday, June 9, 2011

Inspire Me

I have been in a mood the past few days, and I honestly blame it on the weather. "Spring" and "summer" in San Diego are pretty much Fall. It's cold and rainy, we haven't seen over 65 or the sun in days. This is my favorite type of weather, even in June!, so I do love it but it makes me want to do nothing...I hate doing nothing. I am having a constant debate in my head, "I need to crochet...nah..." "I need to finish that cross stitch...nah..." I hate it! You know what I did last night when the kids went to bed? Sat and watched TV, I never do that! If I am sitting my hands are doing something, spinning, crocheting, etc. So I have explored Flickr for inspiration

orange and pink flower

Red SunSet (sun set) reflections in Alabama / nature / red / sky / clouds / sunset / color / colors / - Animated Gif
improvising in red!

Yellow Calla Lily Flower Macro / yellow flower / calla / yellow /  - IMG_9838-1000
yellow bird

White Lotus Flower (Nelumbo Nucifera) - / nature / Low-Key / black / white / black and white / Black & White / bw / - IMGP7600 - زهرة اللوتس, ハスの花, 莲花, گل لوتوس, Fleur de Lotus, Lotosblume, कुंद, 연꽃
Judy's yarn

Nature, colors, finished projects and works in progress all inspire me. Hopefully this will get me do craft today since tomorrow is a day of shopping all by myself :)

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