Saturday, June 11, 2011

Happy Birthday

Yesterday I turned 24, which is not really a big deal, but I had an awesome day! I got to sleep in and as soon as I woke up I left to spend the day out in San Diego by myself. It was wonderful! I told hubby that this all I want for any holiday, birthday, whatever, just a day without kids. I love my kids to death, don't get me wrong, but since hubby works 14-16 hour days and sleeps any time he is off I am with them all the time. I never get brakes really so that is why I always want a day alone.

I spent the day running a few errands, but I also spent the day at a yarn store, Michaels, and one of the malls by us. I wont bore you with my haul I promise! I also came home to presents sent by my mom and one from hubby! Stephanie if you are reading this you are going to love three things to death :)

I got two shirts from the CBS Store of of course Sheldon! I love them to death! One is his knock for Penny :) the other says "Sheldon Cooper, one lab accident away from being a super villain"

Fiber books sent by my mom! And sock yarn and some wonderful BFL fiber
Fiber books, yarn, and fiber

An Eco-Friendly watch from hubby, it doesn't use batteries, but it uses the sun to charge. Pretty cool! 
Eco-friendly watch

I then ended the day with sushi for dinner....perfect birthday.

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