Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Magnets & Works-in-progess

For awhile I was in a mood where all I wanted to do was lay on the couch and not craft. It annoyed me, but I figured I needed the rest for some reason (found out that horrible reason this morning). Luckily last weekend I got in the mood again to craft! I wasn't in the mood however to spin or crochet so I decided to make some magnets. I used some tetris perler beads I did awhile back, and also made some out of flower arrangement marbles. The tiny magnets I bought are insane strong, I can't keep them away from each other! The big ones don't do that as bad thankfully, and most of those are already being used on the fridge. The rest are going to be used in my area once I get a magnetic board from Ikea this weekend ($5 heck yeah!).


My works in progress are the same from my birthday post. The yellow socks, and spinning that wonderful BFL roving. I just barely picked up the socks yesterday, but I'm close to finishing thankfully. I spun for awhile last night while watching Master Chef, and I am about 2 oz into the 4 oz I bought. I also have another project that has been going on for probably a month now, which is just sad because it's so simple. It's a Big Bang Theory cross stitch, my mom taught me to cross stitch when I was little but I'm just now using again. If I would have sat down one night and did nothing but this cross stitch I would have finished that night, but no I get bored to easy so I can't do that. So here it is, less than half way done, poor Howard has no head! Next is Lenard and Sheldon on the other side of Penny.

Cross stitch WIP

GOALS: I'm setting goals every week from now on! So my goal for this week is to finish everything! The socks, spinning, and the cross stitch. Everything done by Sunday where I will then pick up new projects for next week. Sounds like a great plan!

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