Sunday, June 26, 2011

Life vs Works in Progess

So here we are the day I wanted all my works in progress to be done, and they are no where near it. I did work on them a ton, but life got in my way for a few days. Wednesday I was calling around to find someone to come clean the carpet, two toddlers and two dogs means stains stains and more stains. It took me awhile because i thought everyone was over pricing. Finally i found a company with great reviews and cheap! Bad thing was the only opening they had was the next morning, yikes! So i spent that whole evening moving stuff off the carpet onto our tile, no crafting. Thursday I thought was a normal day, I got a lot done with socks, but a few hours after hubby went to work...he came home. Normally this is a good thing, but this time it wasn't. I am not allowed to go into details, but he had to leave very early the next morning and wont be back till the week of the 4th. So, that evening was spent helping him get ready to leave. Life went back to normal Friday, I crocheted and spun when I could, but I'm still no where near my goal. I'm setting the same goal for next Sunday with the hopes life lets me get it done! I want all of this done before we go to Texas so I can start new projects, which will include more socks and spinning. Here is what I have done so far before I get into that


WIP Socks

July and our trip to Texas are coming up soon. July brings a ton of spinning into my life, because I joined the Tour de Fleece on Ravelry. It goes along with the Tour De France race, you spin everyday they race and set a goal for yourself. You also join teams, I am on the Babe spinning wheel team, and at the end they will pick winners. I am not sure of the goal I want to set for myself just yet, but I have till July 2nd. This week I am going to be blending on the hackle and dyeing to get ready. This is going to be my first Tour de Fleece and I can't wait! I am also looking into getting a drum carder to make art batts and yarn. Next I am actually going to spin some art yarn with some recycled, so stay tuned for that and everything I spin up in July.
TDF Team

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