Thursday, June 30, 2011

Coming Soon to Spinerosity

I just hit 31 sales this week, wow! To some that is not many but to me it's a big deal! In August my mini spindles are going to make their debut to all knitting/crochet podcast watchers, I can not wait! They are being donated to a Ravelry Podcasters Challenge that will go on all of September. Be warned every podcast they will show and talk about my spindles so I will probably link every single one!

Also coming soon, probably the start of August, will be batts! Yes my wonderful husband bought me a drum carder, it will be here Tuesday! I'm going to not only do normal spinning batts, but also art batts because art yarn is fun! Something fun I am going to do, every batt will be named after a Bon Jovi song :) Of course! 25+ years of songs, I can do that for awhile!

Shop Vacation is coming up quick! Spinerosity will be closed from July 9th - 23rd IF my husband gets back and his leave is approved.

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