Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Work, work, work, work it out

What is that from? Anything? I dont know

I realized today while tweeting about my workouts that I haven't blogged about it in a very long time. I didn't get to do the Aqua Terra back in May because when I went to sign up for it, it was sold out! They let 150 people sign up, in San Diego that is nothing! So yeah probably going to do another once I look around for one, but not until we know Sloan's schedule for the fall.

Working out has been going good, but I no longer swim 5 days a week like I was. I replaced it with running because Sloan has been working till 5 or 6 am for the past couple of months. No way am I going to get him to wake up just so I can swim. I do swim on the weekends though because then he can get up. I run with the kids, ugh Jase Jase Jase....that kid lately complains about just wanting to go home the second we leave to run but yet he is all excited we are going...yeah. Oh well, maybe one day he will stop.
On top of running and swimming Mrs Stephanie got me hooked on the Nike Training App, yeah that thing is addicting! I started it last Thursday, I was so sore from it! Had to take it slow until yesterday then I was able to do it for an hour, and 45 minutes today! It's great cardio, and it's free so seriously you need to get it.

Now I am going to talk about something no one knows, except Sloan....my actual weight. My weight gain started after Jase and continued until I had Caroline. When I had Caroline I weighed 180 lbs, the Jan after that I was only down to 170 which is where I stayed until we moved here. That was a year ago this Thursday, I still did not workout but got down to 160. This Jan I had had enough though and changed the way I was living. I hated my body, to me it was my depression "I don't give a shit about myself" body or for short my North Carolina body. I wanted it GONE! I wasn't going to let myself give up like I had before, not this time. I dropped cokes and sugar, started eating healthy, and working out every single day. I sometimes do allow myself some candy or we eat out, but it's rare and I'm smart about it. At the end of February I hit 130 lbs, and I am glad to say that is still where I am. I lost the weight smart, and I'm keeping it off smart. I can wear my awesome jeans from high school which are a wonderful size 7 Juniors. I am proud of myself, and finally love myself...but... I still have a problem. After my 2nd c-section my doctor warned me that my stomach may never be the same because the skin after c-sections does not contract back to normal like people who have natural births. Sure enough I have a lot of excess skin, so much so that if you took it away I probably weigh 120 lbs. It's embarrassing, and I hate it, but there is nothing really I can do about it. But dont we all have something we wish we could change but cant? I wish I had before and after photos but pics of me are few and far between. I like to be behind the camera not in front of it, plus if you follow me on twitter you know about the hair hacking, ugh...

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