Wednesday, July 6, 2011

The rainbow and Little Tom

Yesterday afternoon we got the promise that a huge storm was coming in, it hasn't rained here in months so I was excited. I love rain! The storm came in, but no rain, not even a drop. I did get to see a perfect rainbow, gorgeous!

Rainbow over our house

My drum carder also came yesterday! A Fancy Kitty Little Tom! Sigh it was love at first sight! I made a batt during naptime, and oh how i loved it!!! He is a big boy but worth it! I had to move some things around and his new home is now next to my electric wheel on craft desk. I surprisly still have room to work right there so I think he will stay there.
(If you think I'm weird for calling him a he or naming my fiber tools, I'm really not! Everyone actually does it, just part of the addiction)

Fancy Kitty Little Tom

First batt

Fancy Kitty Little Tom

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