Monday, August 15, 2011

Blinded by the light

Oh that song, how I hate it! It didn't bother me till we made the move from NC and my wonderful husband had it basically on repeat.....yeah....

But in all seriousness I need to ask anyone that might read this for some insurance referrals. I just need insurance for eyes, or something for eyes. Why? Because this girl was a moron. When I was 11 years old my wonderful parents got me contacts, I had been wearing glasses since I was 5, and contacts were heaven!! I was really good with them for a few months, but then I started sleeping in them. I always replaced them when needed, but slept in them every single night. It's awesome to feel like everyone else and wake able to see. Sadly me not listening to everyone say "you'll go blind!" has resulted in this 24 year old...going blind.

I noticed a few months ago that I could not see at all in the dark. Sloan didn't really believe me till I ran into the door, I didn't know it was closed because I could not see it. I've had to hold my crochet close to face when I'm working on something not mindless, but I thought nothing of it. A few weeks ago I went to my yearly exam where the eye doctor quietly told me that I am loosing my sight.

IT is caused from my eyes basically dying from not having enough oxygen. So im not allowed to wear my contacts unless I'm driving, I can not drive with my glasses (it scares the crap out of me anyways), and sleeping in them? No! Not only has my stupidity caused that but I also have an eyelid condition where there are tiny itchy bumps under my eyelid. That is miserable! My eyes itch constantly! Contacts make it worse too, and I'm not allowed to rub my eyes...ugh.

So why do I need advice? Tricare pays for everything, except anything eye related. I need surgery to remove the bumbs and to correct my vision. I called them and filed forms to see if they would cover My family costs them next to nothing but yet one of Sloans SSgt's wife got some quack dr to get them to cover a boob job! Come on! So we need to find an eye insurance, or something so that I don't get worse. If you have experience with insurance for eye care let me know!

I hate myself for doing this to without sight? I couldnt do it, and just thinking about it makes me cry. I wish I could go back, but sadly it's to late.

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