Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Yarn Ball Wreath AKA Knitting Wreath

I saw this idea back in Texas when we made a trip to wonderful Hobby Lobby. The one they had was huge though, probably about two feet across, seriously! I thought it was a great way to use up stash yarn, and lucky me had two colors that go great with my craft area. The display one also had knitting needles in it, but since mine was tiny I chose to destash two crochet hooks. I was smart though and just stuck them in the yarn, no glue at all, so if I need them I can get them out. For the bottom frame I actually took my fruit bowl, an ikea box, a box cutter, and cut around the fruit bowl. Done! I probably should have painted it grey though since you can see part of it, but I think I may just end up adding tiny yarn balls so you can't see it.

Total Cost: Free

Anyway here is the finished product! It's so dark where it is I messed with settings on my camera forever but never got the perfect up close. Till finally I just gave up!

yarn wreath

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