Wednesday, September 21, 2011

1964 Wonder Weave Loom

I decided that since I already crochet, spin, knit, and knook (more on that later!) that I needed to add weaving to my list of fiber crafts. So I of course hoped on ebay and saw this tiny little loom for $5, brand new practically with all the project books (which scream 60s!), and even the instructions in perfect condition. I had never seen or heard of this loom, so I searched the internet for more info. I ended up finding this YouTube of it in action...

I was then hooked! I wanted it so I ended up winning the bid where everyone else left off at $5, yay! I got it in the mail today and played with it immediately. It is so much fun I think any fiber lover should have one

1964 wonder weave loom


  1. Just got mine in the mail, today,too.
    Very excited!

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