Saturday, September 24, 2011

Vintage Brio Craft Loom

While hunting for the tiny blue loom in my last post I came across this little Swedish beauty. It ended up being sent to me for a whole $10! I wanted to show her in her full beauty before I went to weaving on her. I need to replace some things, but luckily with my spindle business I have everything I need here. I'm not quite sure of how old she is, but I believe 1950's because of the manual and because the ones from the 60's have plastic parts, this one is 100% wood. Oh and something cool, it folds completely flat yay!

brio loom

brio craft loom

The poor box, someone cut the top of and taped on another. The original box looks pretty 50's to me, don't you think?
brio loom

brio 005

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  1. Hi there-
    I just ordered one of these off ebay. I was wondering what size yarn you use? Or the size of the dents in reed?
    Thank you!