Thursday, September 8, 2011

Inexpensive Earthquake Friendly Art

A piece of plywood, or some sort of inexpesive wood $3
Yarn (mine was destash so free) $2
Paint (again destash) $1
Nails (hubby had them) $3
Total: $9-ish

I had to cut my piece of wood (hence the bottom yikes but oh well) in half, you will see use of the other half tomorrow. Then paint any color you would like. I did red to go along with the kids orange, red, and yellow bathroom. Once dry measure out your design, this case was a square. Mark every place that needs a nail, don't worry about being straight it makes it more interesting.
Once everything is marked hammer in nails enough that the stay in place. Then wrap yarn any way you like!

Once you are done place against wall and hammer in the nails. Yes I did every single one because this earthquake country! I have had to many things fall and I refuse for this to be one of them. I of course may hate myself when we sell, or I'll leave it for the next owner ha! If you don't want that many holes just hammer in corners and it will stay.

Yarn art

Yarn art

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