Monday, December 12, 2011

How to collect silk from cut cocoons

I am finally done with school for this semester and will now be able to blog more yay!

I noticed there was nothing online on how to collect silk from cocoons that have the worm removed, so I thought I would document how to that works. You don't need any fancy equipment, but I do recommend using a pot you do not cook out of. I have a ugly pot I dye with that I bought at a thrift store for $2 :) You will also need a spoon, I used a plastic one, to help push the cocoons down into the water. That is all you need though, so lets begin!

First heat some water in your pot until almost simmering, like when dyeing no bubbles! You will want to let the cocoons soak, you may have to help some sink into the water with your spoon, for a good 10-15 mins.
silk 001

Once they have soaked, leave them in the pot with the heat on, trust me it makes it much easier to collect silk when they are still hot. Try one to see if you are able to peel the silk off. I take my nails and pinch the bottom of the cocoon and begin to pull the silk off. I like to wind the silk onto my spoon to have a continuous pull going, and then I slide the silk off the spoon when I am done. Once the silk is dry you fluff it out and put on your drum carder in a batt or spin as is :)

silk 005

silk 002

And it always helps to have a buddy
silk 004

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  1. It always helps to have a buddy, so true.
    Thanks for this, I never knew what to do with the cocoons except look at them, maybe shake one once in a while...(worm's still in that one, right?)