Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Returning to the Blog Months Later!

I love how my last post was about how I was going to have more time to blog for my store and my spinning with me to return months later. I am in my last semester at West Texas A&M, and just found out I am graduating with honors! YAY! But enough about my life, lets talk shop and spinning.

In the spinning world, I just recently received two wonderful alpaca fleeces. Now if you are a spinner you are probably thinking "WOW! Pricey!", but you are wrong friends! Right now a wonderful lady named Sands is trying to clear out last seasons fleeces for the shearing season, so they are $50 each. Yes, you read that right....$50! The fleeces are simply amazing, in fact my dogs are obsessed with them because they are so soft. If you are interested in getting a wonderful fleece check Sands site! You will all so see a certain Mr Peanut Butter

alpaca 010

Peanut in my alpaca fleece

So, what am I going to do with two whole alpaca fleeces? I am processing all of them, spinning it, and crocheting two blankets. One will be a larger one for snuggles on the couch, and the other will be sent my husband during his deployment. My first priority will of course be my husbands, and I will blog about the whole blanket process I am sure!

Also in my spinning world I have been spinning art yarns on my new Babe Bulky Wheel which was a Christmas present to myself. I am enjoying art yarns more so than "regular" yarn, but I am still working on some roving I bought at a fiber festival back in October.

Now onto the shop! What is new with the shop?! I hit 200 sales this month, and I am already well past it. If you have bought a spindle, bowl, or fiber from me...I love you and thank you. I hope you are enjoying using whatever you purchased! Mainly what is new in the shop is..COLOR! I love color and paints but I didn't have many options in my shop for them. I now have many colors added though for you to mix and match, just simply add the option to your cart! I am also adding roving that I have dyed along with some new batts coming soon. Not only did I had color but I added a new spindle, an art yarn spindle! This bad boy weighs in at 3 oz! I have ordered more supplies to make more in other colors along with a plain option, so be on the look out for that.

spindles 003

spindles 002

So, that is all that is new over here at Spinerosity. Make sure to check out the shop for all the new items and updates. Like us on Facebook, follow the blog, and favorite the shop! It all is much appreciated!

Happy Spinning!!

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