Monday, May 4, 2009

Beyond pissed

Our lease is up in three weeks, THREE, and have we heard from the new owner...NO! Today is the 4th and with most rentals the 5th means late rent, so of course I was freaking out today about that because I always pay on the 1st. So Sloan called the listing agent to see if he knew how to get a hold of the owner. He does but he wont give us his number...ok odd. He called him a few times and the owner won't call us. He's to "busy" but he said that he would call our old landlord to get it set up for rent. Sounds like he's not to worried about getting our money! I ended up having to drag Jase out in the rain to go pay rent and when i walk in the chick that takes rent says "What are you doing here?!".....the owner didn't call surprise there! I explained to her what was going on since she knew our duplex was bought and luckily she took our rent so that the owner couldn't say we didn't pay. Everyday that passes by without talking to this guy is making this situation even more stressful. We are to the point where we are just acting like we have to make the trip back to Texas since we need to go month to month and since this guy cares so little about us it's showing us that most likely he wont let us go month to month. I;m just sick of this! Is it that hard to take five minutes out of your day to call us?!
I feel a tad better now that I've vented :)

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