Saturday, May 2, 2009

You are wrong about women

You know how we have all grown up hearing that women are the ones that can not make up thier mind?! Well....they lied! Yes I have my moments where I can not make up my mind, but Sloan is the worst! Like my post said the other day he was thinking about switching to the Army. He called and talked to a few people about what is open in the Army. All that is open is infantry, surprise there...*sarcasm* Sloan doesn't want to do that anyways, so we are back to square one. What is he going to do now? I truely have no idea. He's back to thinking that he wants to move with the Ospreys in October to California, or maybe be an MCT instructor here, or maybe a drill instructor in California....for the love of cheese make up your mind! I of course am sitting here praying that he picks to move to California, oh please oh please! We will be soooo much closer to home since good ol' Big Spring is on the west side of Texas. But, I am sure we will end up being here in North Carolina for another four years. I would just be happy to know what is going to happen with us. I don't like not knowing, its driving me insane!

As for our housing issue, we never got a call from the new owner. We have no idea who bought it so we have no way to contact them. All we were told is that they are an agent for a Century 21 here in town, there a ton of Century 21s here! We need to know if we can go month to month or not! Because if not then I need to get everything ready for us to move to Texas until base housing is available to us. I am just so frustrated that guy did not call us, because the listing agent told him what was going on with us. I figured he would call just so I could take rent right away, which I always do on the 1st. Maybe he will be nice and call today...but I wont hold my breathe.

Update on the kids now! Jase is doing good but has set a new schedule for himself that I hate. People always attack me about how strict I am with schedule when in reality he's the one that sets it and if I don't follow it all hell breaks loose! Anyway, he's up at 6 am now...yes SIX! It makes for a very long day now since I'm use to him getting up about 7:30 to 8. Hopefully he'll go back to his old ways soon, but if not then I'm looking at setting his bedtime later...which is not fun for mommy! He's showing more and more of his toddler tantrums lately, which is horrible! I never knew that boy could scream so loud! And he's also showing that he got my OCD. I was hoping he wouldn't, but each day he seems to be more OCD. At least I know how to deal with it since I have it.

Miss Caroline is doing good, my next OB appointment is the 14th. She is kicking up a storm and it hurts. I can't believe that in three months she will be here, it's just crazy how fast it flew by. My mom has gone crazy buying her clothes, she did the same thing with Jase haha I pretty much never buy him clothes because my mom buys them like crazy! I did buy a few for Caroline though....yes they are orange lol So she is set clothes wise! Luckily we still have everything from Jase so we don't have to buy anything for her, which is nice. Now if we can just get moved into our new house before she gets here...

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