Sunday, May 10, 2009

We give up

The stress of all this has worn on me a ton, which i can tell is getting to Caroline, and it's wearing on Sloan as well. We called places around town trying to find something, nothing is available for when we need it and if it is it's for a year. We can not be in contract some where if we want base housing soon, which we really need because of the three bedroom. We have yet to hear from the owner which is very stressful because every day that we don't is one day closer to when our lease is up. We are running out of time so we give up. June 1st we are leaving. Sadly I have to go to Texas while Sloan stays here, which breaks my heart. I hate to be away from him if i don' t have to be. It's really hard on me to be in my parents house because I like things a certain way and it screws up Jase's schedule. This is what we have to do though. And if we don't get housing in July, I'm having Caroline in Texas. Then I wont be able to make the trip up here for a few weeks...sigh...thats going to be hard having two kids in my room. Oh well, you do what you have to.

If you are wondering where Sloan is going he is going to be staying at a friends house. He's no where near my OCD clean like me so he's already saying he's going to miss that haha Hopefully he wont get depressed like the last time I was in Texas. He lost a ton of weight and it worried me to death. He was here alone though so hopefully living with his friends will help. I'll still be worrying about him and missing him like crazy.

So, we are going to start packing this week, and get a storage unit. We are still going to have fun and do things we already planned before I go. This weekend we are going to the air show, since Jase loves that and then Sesame Street Live next weekend. We are going to be busy but that's ok. Also since Sloan is friends with his SgtMaj he's going to talk to him tomorrow about taking leave to take us to Texas. Hopefully he will let him because it would be so much easier on us.

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