Wednesday, October 14, 2009

New Look

I finally found a blog layout that I love! It's fall, my all time favorite season! I really love this layout, and I may keep it well past fall :) Thats ok right?!

I am also thinking about changing up my look. I'm asking Sloan for a Chi flat iron for Christmas, but will probably get eariler, so I'm going to start wearing my hair down more. The flat iron I have works good but with my frizzy/curly/wavy hair I need something better to tame it! I hate my natural hair which is why it's either up or straight. I can't even blow dry it because it will puff up like 80s hair.

I want to get some new clothes for fall/winter and I've always stayed away from the styles. I tend to stick to jeans and t-shirts but I'd like to add something else. I'm just afraid that with my horrible body type that it wont look good. After all the styles have never looked good on me. They are not made for people that have such a tiny pelvis that seriously have no hips. For example, superlow jeans seem to be the only kind I can find which for people with no hips means middle of butt low because they wont stay on! I'm about to switch to womens jeans because they don't have superlow, maybe those will stay on! I do like the fact that flats in, finally the dreams of tall girls are answered! But like everything else not really sure those would look on me either. I doomed to always be the t-shirt and jeans girl?!

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