Thursday, October 29, 2009

Texans going raw vegan

Thats right two 100% cow loving Texans are going raw vegan starting tomorrow. I didn't say anything but I had a health scare yesterday when I went to the doctor. Why am I having so many migraines and just plain feeling like crap? I almost have type 2 diabetes...I knew I was at huge risk because I had gestional diabetes with Jase and I swear I had it with Caroline even though I passed the tests barely. But yet I did nothing about it. It's very hard to get up and moving when you are deep into a depression everyday which I have been in for two years. My doctor actually recommended this diet to me because I will loose weight fast and get my body healthy fast which is what i need. He said if I do this 100% I will no longer have migraines, blood sugar issues, depression, or any other problems I have. So tomorrow we are starting. Sloan doesn't want to loose me to diabetes or depression so he's joining me. Although he does much more than me that he most likely will need to eat turkey or chicken until we find something that works for him in the same way.

I'm still kinda in shock that I'm within a few blood sugar points of being a type 2 diabetic, because I'm not even over weight. I am actually within the healthy range for my height and BMI....oh well I'm going to get VERY healthy and stop all my health problems before it effects my life even more.

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