Monday, October 4, 2010

No I will not pay $6 for milk!

My back is doing much better, in fact I cleaned the whole house yesterday and went grocery shopping where i almost had a heart attack! Slowly grocery prices are creeping up over here in SoCal and even though I clip coupons like no other (saved $70 yesterday), the prices are just getting ridiculous! I went to go get my usual 5 1/2 gallons of lactose free milk when I saw the price $5.99! For one 1/2 gallon! You have got to be kidding me! I left the store with no milk, because I refused to pay that. This morning I am going on a hunt for cheaper milk! Our Super Target had it last time at $2.99 and I am in hopes it will be the same! The Wal-mart next door to Target I went in once, got scared to death by all the creepiness of it, and never went back. But the way Albertsons is going I may have to suck it up and shop there. Target kills on grocery prices as well so they are out. I may just end up driving up to La Mesa, which is a suburb above ours, to go to their Wal-mart just to save on groceries!

Most things here are actually the same price as North Carolina, so our bill is usually about the same or a bit more, but I'm always in dream cloud thinking prices should be like Texas! Everything is sooo cheap in Texas compared to NC and CA! I will save money here though, I'm determined! I hate spending so much on stupid groceries!

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